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Our products

In foryousimost of isissqanxiety and needour customers our main categories of products according to packaging are two: paper packaging and abovemi polyprpollen packages

Paper packaging is suitable for people, coito use charcoal at home or in smaller quantities. They are perfect for pdelivery in supermarkets or shops, because of the smaller volume and more convenient packaging. 

The other type of oopsforgings we use are various polypropylene sacks of size 10 kg, 15 kg or larger. These packages are primarily preferred by our business customers for use in restaurants, grills, convenience stores, conventions and fairs. This type is more convenient, as it is more profitable and shortens the meaninglno time hand loading the barbecue.

In our quest to be flexible in terms of production we can provideand customized product for different customers.

Types of charcoal
Currently, our company offers 4 types of woodcoal to meet the needs of all our customers. These are Cuban (marabou), Nigerian, Ukrainianski and oak charcoal.

PBelow we have created a brief description and categorization of the different types according to 3 characteristics: burning time, price and possibility of presence of small pieces



2 kg. charcoal  "Zharava"


3 kg. charcoal  "Zharava"


5 kg. charcoal  "Zharava"


10 kg. charcoal  "Zharava"


For orders, prices and inquiries feel free to contact us

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